Players have found a deleted post-credits scene in Modern Warfare 3. It reveals the fate of Captain Price


A skilled data miner, known as yoyo1love, has successfully recovered the previously deleted post-credits scene from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2011). Based on the evidence, it appears that the story of Captain Price could have had a different outcome.

After lying dormant in the game files for a staggering 13 years, they have finally managed to activate the scene. The video showcases the conclusion of the game, where Price confidently takes a seat and casually lights a cigarette following his intense battle with Makarov. Nevertheless, a mysterious individual in formal attire, identified as “shadowman” / “ominous stranger” in the game files, emerges and carefully examines the aftermath of the battle. As a result, Price accidentally lets go of his cigar and falls unconscious. At the conclusion of the scene, a photo is revealed featuring the pivotal characters from the trilogy who met their demise during the game.


According to players on Reddit, the enigmatic character could possibly be Death, who ultimately arrived for Price. The developers at Infinity Ward likely had intentions to include the character’s death in the game, but ultimately decided against it and kept the video hidden.

According to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, it seems that the upcoming installment of Call of Duty will be available for direct download through Game Pass. There is a possibility that Microsoft may raise the subscription price due to this.


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