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Freya Hilton

Job title : Editor

Date of Birth: November 22, 1987

Age: 36 years

Work experience: 6 years 4 months





Freya Hilton has lived in the Republic of Kazakhstan since birth. “I have an older sister, but sometimes it seems to me that of the two of us, I’m still the eldest,” Nastya jokes.

She is raising a son, who was born in 2015 and has completely changed her life for the better.

Education and career

Nastya showed a penchant for the humanities back in school, which influenced her admission to KarSU named after. E. A. Buketova in 2005. She graduated from the Faculty of Russian Philology and by the end of her studies she already knew for sure that her life would never be connected with teaching.

Since her relationship with mathematics was also good at school, after graduating from university, Anastasia got a job as an operator in a trading company. A few months later she was transferred to the accounting department and taught all the necessary knowledge, for which she is still very grateful to her former boss Alexandra Arkadyevna. Her friendship with reconciliation statements and invoices lasted 8 years.

About Helbu

“After office work, heels and collars, daily travel to another city, returning home only to sleep, I enthusiastically took up work at Helbu, although I admit: it was scary to go into the unknown. And the most important incentive was my son, whom I saw in the evening before going to bed and in the morning when I took him to kindergarten (and he was the very first to arrive there). Now I have a job I love and time for my family,” says Nastya.

Freya Hilton is the editor of one of the departments.


Audrey Daisy

 Job title : Build editor

Date of Birth: September 3, 1997

Age: 26 years

Work experience: 4 years







Amateur artist, one of the founders of the fan club of the group ” Pneumoslon “, manicurist.


Secondary education. Before joining the editorial office, she worked in sales and copywriting.

About Helbu

“I came here because I wanted to work remotely, and Helbu is a reliable and stable project,” says Daisy.


Diva Flayers

Job title: Corrector:
Date of Birth: March 29, 1998
Age: 26 years old
Work experience: 2 years 9 months


Diva is from Ufa, the city where Zemfira and Morgenstern were born, from where Rudolf Nureyev and Yuri Shevchuk moved to the Northern capital . She received her beautiful name in honor of her great-grandmother, a deeply religious person who lived to be 103 years old.

Dasha’s special pride is her paternal grandfather, who took Berlin, and Kartay, who served in the police (he was not allowed to go to the front as a valuable employee, no matter how many petitions he submitted). Everything connected with the Great Patriotic War and the real Orthodox faith causes special awe.

Since childhood, Diva has been drawn to books – her parents claim that she learned to read at the age of 3-4 years. My love for the Russian language and literature resulted in excellent school essays and admission to the Faculty of Philology.

Education and career

In the middle classes of the lyceum and at the philological faculty of the university, Diva was lucky to meet those who instilled a caring attitude towards her native language, taught her to appreciate and feel every word, “swallow” several books at the same time, flavoring it all with critical literature, and helped her grow into a thinking person and a constant buyer of Read-City.

“My mother pushed me to become a teacher, but I resisted because I didn’t want to ruin the children’s lives by focusing on the media. As a result, I devoted 2 years to local printed publications and an entire five-year period to an online information portal,” recalls Diva .

About Helbu

“Tired of the cultivation of my hometown, daily information about parties, concerts, new places, I wanted to join what has always captivated me – biographies of celebrities. Biography of Fyodor Dostoevsky , Sergei Yesenin , Rudolf Nureyev, Yuri Gagarin , Marilyn Monroe , John Lennon occupy separate bookshelves in my home (and a place in my heart), and for several years now I have been lucky enough to introduce readers to great (and not so great) people “, says Diva .


Jack Dinom

Job title: Editor
Date of Birth: May 2, 1981
Age: 42 years
Work experience: 3 years 3 months


Jack was born in the now former capital of Kazakhstan – the city of Almaty, lived in Russian Kaliningrad, and currently lives in the Moscow region.

He is married, his wife Anastasia is engaged in animal protection.

Education and career

As a child, he studied at a linguistic gymnasium, where he studied English, French, Arabic and Chinese, and in high school he continued his studies in the mathematics and computer department. He graduated with honors from the largest university in Kazakhstan – Al-Farabi Kazakh State University, becoming a specialist in international law. Jack’s diploma work was devoted to a subject that is rare for Kazakhstan—maritime law. After graduating from university, he worked for several years as a lawyer in a Kazakh-Canadian company.

Andrei Mikheev received his first journalistic experience at the Voice of Asia festival, where he was invited as a general observer. After that, he concentrated on musical topics, however, at the same time working in business publications, for example, he was the producing editor of a famous business magazine.

Since 2002, Jack has been closely associated with the Eurovision Song Contest. As a journalist and expert consultant, he traveled all over Europe, doing both PR and promotion of popular artists from various countries, and organizing media coverage of the competition. The journalist has several hundred direct reports and interviews. Also, as a music critic, he was repeatedly invited to join the jury that selected representatives from countries such as Belarus and Georgia for the competition.

About Helbu

Experience in writing biographies of celebrities brought Jack to the Helbu team. He is an editor.

“Often the heroes of the biographies I prepared admitted that I “remembered” much more about their lives than they could tell themselves. One of the most interesting moments of my work was compiling in a few hours a biography of a group of foreign musicians who had never collaborated with each other before, starting from only one unsigned common photograph,” Jack shared.