Helbu is a digital publication run by gamers, featuring content created for gamers with a focus on news, reviews, exclusive features, and interviews. It was founded in 2023 and was acquired by Helbu in 2024. Our goal is to focus on the subjects and topics that Helbu, as gamers, are most enthusiastic about. Whether it’s speculation over the future of beloved series like Zelda or providing exclusive first glimpses at upcoming titles like Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown via our Helbu Advance program.

Helbu has attended several pop culture and gaming conventions, such as Gamescom, E3, and San Diego Comic-Con. We have also served on the Summer Game Fest jury and as a voting outlet for The Game Awards. Our ultimate objective is to produce interesting articles that take the basic idea of a news story and thoughtfully and creatively develop it, providing our readers with the background knowledge they need to understand the significance of every development in the gaming industry. To learn more, check out our Press & Events page!

At Helbu, we think that writing about gaming should be as vibrant and creative as the genre itself. We are not merely sharing the same press releases as everyone else. Our goal is to offer comprehensive resources that are unique to our site. We don’t just tell you what we think; through our in-depth, opinion-driven evaluations, we spark conversation.

  • Reviews. We don’t just tell you if a game is awesome. We want you to understand the experience playing it, as well as the story behind the game. Game reviews can and should be just as mature and in-depth as the best film criticism, and that’s what we go for.
  • Original insight. An industry that changes as quickly and decisively as gaming needs to be understood by those most affected. We let you understand where the field is, and where it is going. From technological advances to business shakeups, we keep you up-to-date on what matters most.
  • Informed Analysis: Our collaborators are gamers, programmers, and industry insiders. Everything we write comes from that crucial intersection of knowledge and fandom, giving you a broader insight than you’ll find anywhere else.
  • Thoughtful discussions. Our opinions aren’t the last word- they’re just the beginning. We want to generate interesting, fun, troll-free discussions of games and gaming.

We are enthusiastic professionals. We hope to provide a forum where you can express your opinions since we are passionate about gaming and want to share that enthusiasm with you. We adore the past of video games and are eager to see where they will go in the future. We can’t wait to share our brand of well-considered and knowledgeable viewpoints with them.