Starfield turned into a Mandalorian game using hundreds of mods – video


Bethesda games have always been a favorite among modders, and Starfield is no exception to this trend. The author of the YouTube channel DeityVengy expertly installed over a hundred mods for the game, transforming it into an immersive shooter centered around the iconic Mandalorian character from the Star Wars universe.

Countless fan-created addons have completely transformed every element of the game. Star Wars has introduced new races, transformed small arms into blasters, replaced enemies with stormtroopers and Empire soldiers, and swapped out battle music for soundtracks from the films. In the video, a skilled player dons Mandalorian armor and effortlessly navigates through multiple enemy bases, showcasing the incredible changes made to the game world.


The author not only shared the final video, but also provided a comprehensive list of the mods utilized. You can easily access them right here.

In the past, a group of dedicated individuals successfully converted Helldivers 2 into Star Wars: Battlefront 2.


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