“Rockstar Games strives for excellence”: GTA 6 publisher talks about the game’s development process


After the announcement of the GTA 6 release window, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick sat down for an interview with CNBC to delve into the game’s development.

Zelnick expressed confidence in a fall release for the company, while acknowledging that GTA 6 poses a distinct challenge.

With an outstanding game that has exceptional expectations, it’s not just about bugs. It’s about creating a game that has never been seen before, and Rockstar Games strives for perfection. Perfection is difficult to measure.


— Strauss Zelnick

Regrettably, Zelnik did not disclose the specific unique mechanics that will be featured in the game. It is possible that they will be revealed in the upcoming months: a new section for screenshots has been discovered on the official project website.

Earlier, Take-Two Interactive made the unfortunate decision to lay off approximately 580 employees.


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