New gun in Doom: “skull crusher” is environmentally friendly

New gun in Doom: “skull crusher” is environmentally friendly

Doom has always been renowned for its exceptional firearms. During the recent Xbox Games Showcase, an exciting addition to the series was unveiled – Doom: The Dark Ages. This latest installment introduced a remarkable new weapon known as the “skull crusher.” It’s a prequel set in a quasi-medieval world, according to Bethesda, where players will experience the thrilling origin story of Doomslayer’s unstoppable rage.

The new gun is a highly advanced weapon that utilizes an innovative mechanism to fire projectiles. In the trailer, you can witness the seamless sliding of the door, unveiling a pristine skull within a rectangular chamber. Beneath it, another skull comes into view, hinting at the existence of a skull magazine. The weapon is adorned with six smaller skulls on perpendicular pistons, suggesting the use of infernal magic to power them.

The skull is expertly placed into a set of spiked wheels that effortlessly pulverize it into scorching fragments. These hot bone particles are expertly ejected within a mere three seconds, forming a wide fan with the help of two metal arms at the front. It seems to be a weapon with lower damage, specifically designed for crowd control. However, there might be potential for upgrades. In the trailer, a dozen low-level demons are effortlessly rendered unconscious by these scorching bone shards, displaying their remarkable effectiveness against the undead.

The sheer absurdity of this firearm brings to mind the fantastical weapons of Warhammer 40K. This is not just any ordinary firearm, but rather a sophisticated mechanism that utilizes a unique type of ammunition – skulls. The concept is somewhat reminiscent of the natural process of composting.

The trailer also showcased a variety of other weapons:

  • A double-barreled shotgun that looks classic for now, but can clearly be modified

  • An energy rifle that looks pretty normal

  • A cannon that shoots stakes, reminiscent of the HV-Penetrator from FEAR or the Stake Gun from Painkiller

  • A sealed shield that Doom Slayer activates at some point by running a buzz saw along the edge – can be thrown at an enemy, like Captain America’s shield

  • A hammer on a chain, which appears to be either a low-level melee weapon or a relative of the grappling hook attached to the Super Shotgun in Doom Eternal

Doom: The Dark Ages will be released in 2025 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.


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