Stormgate’s ‘next-gen RTS’ will enter early access in August

Stormgate's 'next-gen RTS' will enter early access in August

The game is being developed by experienced developers who have worked on StarCraft II and Warcraft III.

The world of Stormgate seamlessly blends elements of science fiction and fantasy, creating a captivating gaming experience. Players can embark on an immersive story campaign, team up with friends to take on challenging AI opponents, or engage in thrilling competitive matches against other players.


The title will be available for early access starting on August 13th. Stormgate’s will be available at no cost, however, players will have the option to acquire the Early Access Pack, Deluxe Early Access Pack, and Ultimate Early Access Pack for an early start (beginning on July 30). These packs will also grant access to new heroes and additional bonuses. Stormgate is now available for wishlist on Steam.


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