Manor Lords has introduced a King’s Tax to prevent players from hoarding too much money

Manor Lords has introduced a King's Tax to prevent players from hoarding too much money

One of the most crucial phases in creating your kingdom in Manor Lords is gathering resources. You cannot become a settlement with authority and influence over the surrounding territories if you lack financial resources. But too many players were hoarding wealth, making kingdom management too simple, as creator Slavic Magic observed. As a result, a fresh royal tax was implemented.

Although taxes are never enjoyable, in this instance they are required to keep players of Manor Lords from accumulating vast amounts of resources and from running out of gold. As there are no barriers, hurdles, or penalties when amassing riches in an RTS game, it can taint the experience.

Developer Slavic Magic realized this, and on May 31, 2024, they released patch 0.7.972, which included the Royal Tax. The additional tax is slated to be “collected annually from all players (as well as AI) and go to the overlord.” The tax amount will be set in accordance with the number of the population and function as a “counterbalance to players accumulating enormous wealth despite an unoptimized economy.”


The creator also hopes that by doing this, players won’t be able to accumulate debt without paying it off, which might put them in danger of becoming bankrupt. Subsequently, Slavic Magic intends to impose a tax-evasion scheme that will lead to a “confrontation with the royal army.” Manor Lords’ gameplay may get even more complex and interesting as a result of this direct confrontation with the monarch.

It’s also possible that the Royal Tax will alter the economy and make players more frugal with their resource allocation. The gameplay will undoubtedly be significantly affected by this, and we’ll soon see how this method operates.


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