Hunt: Showdown will be transferred to CryEngine 5.11 in mid-August – support for PS4 and Xbox One will end


Hunt: Finale David Fifield, general manager, spoke to the players and made a number of significant statements. He declared that on August 15, the shooter will finally switch to the CryEngine 5.11 engine, as everyone had been waiting for. Crytek had originally set their sights on the start of the year.

Support for Hunt: Showdown on the PS4 and Xbox One will similarly expire on August 15, according to Fifield. He declared that users will have to switch to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S as the shooter will no longer be playable on out-of-date systems.

The switch to the new consoles will go as smoothly as possible, by the way. The entire game, along with any DLC that has been purchased and any progress that has been made, will be transferred for free.


Crytek will provide additional information about the Hunt: Showdown upgrade to the CryEngine 5.11 engine every week until August 15. The studio will also discuss how to combat toxic players, cheaters, and similar individuals.

Hunt: Showdown may be played on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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