How to understand the new Dota and not go crazy? Detailed guide

How to understand the new Dota and not go crazy? Detailed guide

5 steps to success.

On the night of May 23, a massive patch 7.36 was unleashed in Dota, showcasing expert-level updates. Valve has introduced an extensive array of changes that may seem overwhelming, even after multiple readings. The sheer number of changes in Dota can be quite surprising for most players. Cyber ​​has gathered a collection of expert tips to help you navigate through challenging situations with ease.

1. Read the patch in parts, little by little

The key to mastering information is to approach it with expertise and confidence. It takes time to become proficient. Read the patch with expertise. Otherwise, if you don’t handle it with expertise, all the information in your head will become jumbled, and your reading time will be futile.

Recall the statements made by the developers a year ago when they launched the previous version 7.33.

The New Horizons update introduces significant changes to your favorite heroes and systems. To be honest, our legal department asked us to tell you that the gameplay updates section is so packed with meta-defining changes thatyou should read it slowly over the next few weeks, so that you don’t get overexcited and you don’t have to call the fire department.”

This advice remains relevant. Approach the patch with a professional mindset, taking the time to study it thoroughly and thoughtfully. Avoid rushing into any decisions.

2. Read our posts with the most important of the patch!


Cyber ​​authors are dedicated to providing you with all the crucial information about the patch. We have a plethora of posts covering crucial aspects of the patch, with more on the way. We are here to assist you with this update and clarify any areas that may be unclear to you! Therefore, reading Cyber ​​is an excellent method for gaining a deep understanding of the intricacies of the new patch.

How to understand the new Dota and not go crazy? Detailed guide

3. Read what has changed specifically for your favorite hero and the items you collect on him

If you’re not very knowledgeable, then the most effective approach is to hold onto the little bit that you are able to accomplish. Take your favorite hero, for instance. Pay close attention to the modifications made on his behalf. You have a deep understanding of your favorite character, which gives you a solid foundation to work from. Then carefully review the updates made to the items you previously purchased there.

It is essential to do this every time you select a hero during a match. You can expertly close the game at the peak or preparation stage to carefully review what has changed for the hero. Master the preparation stage with an additional 15 seconds.

4. Communicate with teammates. They learn Dota with you and can help you

We all found ourselves in a whole new level of expertise. You and your teammates are all in this together, and working together is the key to achieving success. Master the art of effective communication with your teammates, as they may have valuable insights to share.

How to understand the new Dota and not go crazy? Detailed guide

5. Watch streams and pro-Dota – there is still a lot of it

The most valuable insights and techniques can be gained from observing and learning from seasoned experts in the field. Observe their streams and professional matches – you’ll undoubtedly gain some fascinating insights. There is currently a continuous stream of professional Dota matches taking place, with DreamLeague S23 being one of the ongoing tournaments. You can expect an impressive display!



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