Wuthering Waves Character Tier List

Wuthering Waves Character Tier List

Who is better to pass difficult content?

Wuthering Waves has been released worldwide with great success. When you begin the game, you’ll be faced with a roster of 17 characters. To make the best decision on who to build, it’s wise to consult the tier list. The compilation was done by the Prydwen site team and measured in the Tower of Adversity, which is similar to the Twisted Abyss from Genshin Impact.

A tier list does not provide a comprehensive assessment of a hero’s overall performance. In the open world, you have the freedom to play with any characters of your choice. This list is tailored for tackling tough challenges, and certain characters outperform others.


  • Main DPS: a character who deals a lot of damage and stays on the field longer than others. His skills are tailored to enhance his damage.
  • Hybrid: a character who can contribute damage without being on the battlefield and support the main DPS.
  • Support: a character whose skills are aimed at supporting characters who deal damage (buff, healing, reducing resistances, etc.).


  • ST – damage to one target;
  • Cleave – damage to multiple targets;
  • AoE – area damage;
  • Heal – the character can heal;
  • Shield – the character can give a shield;
  • Coord – the character can cause damage outside the field;
  • Multirole – the character can be rebuilt into different roles;
  • Cancel is a character who needs to cancel various attacks or switch to abuse through animation (like Hu Tao from Genshin);
  • Ult is a character whose main damage comes from his ult;
  • Hard is a complex character with various combinations, which in the hands of an experienced player will cause more damage than a beginner;
  • Risk is a character that you need to play perfectly to avoid dying.

Main dps:

  • T0 – Jiyan (Aoe, Ult);
  • T0.5 – Calcharo (Cancel, Hard, ST, Ult), Encore (Cleave, Cancel, Ult);
  • T1 – Danjin (Hard, Risk, ST);
  • T2 – Chixia (ST), Lingyang (ST, Ult).


  • T0 – Yinlin (AoE, Cancel, Coord);
  • T0.5 – Mortefi (ST, Coord);
  • T1 – Jianxin (AoE, Heal, Shield, Multirole), Rover Spectro (Cleave, Heal, Multirole), Sanhua (Cleave, Hard);
  • T2 – Aalto (ST), Yuanwu (Cleave, Coord).


  • T0 – Verina (Heal, Coord);
  • T1 – Baizhi (Heal), Yangyang (Multirole, AoE);
  • T3 – Taoqi (Heal, Shield).

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