FromSoftware showed one of the bosses for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree


Developers at FromSoftware have released artwork showcasing a new boss set to make an appearance in the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for Elden Ring. Just a friendly reminder that the DLC is set to be released on June 21.

“The creators have described the new enemy as formidable foes with incomprehensible power that await you in the Kingdom of Shadows.” Some players have already speculated that this could be the legendary Godwin, making a triumphant return.


The events of the add-on will take place in the enigmatic lands of the Shadows, showcasing a level of expertise. Players will have the opportunity to explore a brand new location, face off against challenging opponents, and wield top-of-the-line equipment. You can already pre-order the DLC, including on Russian Steam.

Recently, Hidetaka Miyazaki provided some insightful details regarding the highly anticipated expansion. As an expert, you can expect the difficulty level to match that of the second half of the base game. Additionally, the DLC offers multiple endings for you to explore. Additionally, news has emerged regarding a new element of progression that will be introduced.


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