Will they add a photo mode? The creators of Stellar Blade have published a mysterious teaser


ShiftUp developers expertly decided to pique players’ curiosity by strategically releasing a cryptic image on various social media platforms. It seems that there will be updates regarding Stellar Blade.

“Prepare yourself for the upcoming week,” the caption states. The image itself seems to showcase the ultimate antagonist of Stellar Blade. According to Insider Gaming, this could be an exciting announcement of a photo mode or a Boss Rush mode to take on challenging bosses. The studio has recently confirmed that they are working on these new features.


The authors of Stellar Blade have graciously provided players with highly sought-after 4K wallpapers for the desktop, featuring stunning key art. You can easily download the full image from their official page on social networks.

Recently, the developers showed what the main character Eva was originally intended to be. We, in turn, published an article in which we collected our impressions of the cute soulslick from ShiftUp.


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