A trailer for a fan anime based on “Berserk” with an 18+ rating has been released. The plot will be based on the “Black Swordsman” arc.


Studio ECLYPSE’s animators showcased a trailer for the highly anticipated anime Berserk: The Black Swordsman, a remarkable fan adaptation of the captivating Black Swordsman arc. The authors assure that the project will be expertly executed in 2D and without any form of censorship.

The video showcases various scenes from the highly anticipated film adaptation. Griffith showcases his expertise by appearing in Femto form and engaging in battles against Guts’ Apostle, Casca, and participating in an intense eclipse sequence. The anime is adapted from the initial volume of Black Swordsman released in 1989, and the animators aim to enhance the storyline by incorporating additional untold tales from the manga.


It’s worth noting that the “Black Swordsman” arc delves into Guts’ relentless pursuit of the Hand of God, his quest to free the elf Puck, and his epic showdown against two formidable apostles – the Snake Baron and the Count.

The complete anime will be available in the summer of 2025.

Prime 1 Studio recently revealed an impressive figure of Grunbeld donning the formidable Berserker armor.


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