New iPad Pro with M4 processor. A full-fledged replacement for the MacBook or another tablet that few people need?


On May 15, the highly anticipated sales of Apple’s latest iPad Pro model commenced in the United States. One of its standout features is the cutting-edge M4 processor, specifically engineered to optimize the utilization of neural networks. However, tablets still hold relevance in today’s tech landscape and have the potential to serve as a viable alternative to laptops. Our content is dedicated to providing a comprehensive answer to this question.

Why tablets are no longer popular

In the early 2010s, shortly after the release of the first versions of the iPad, tablets became extremely popular among users. With their expertise, they effortlessly accessed the Internet, enjoyed movies, captured stunning photographs, and so much more. However, as time went on, regular smartphones started being utilized for these tasks with expertise. And even the large screen of a tablet is no longer a compelling reason to make a purchase.

Today, powerful iPads are essential for artists and retouchers. Many people find using a touch screen and stylus to be more convenient than using a computer mouse. The situation is similar to the story with expensive cameras, which are currently being purchased exclusively by professional photographers.

New iPad Pro with M4 processor
It’s worth noting that all iPad Pro peripherals, including the keyboard and stylus, are sold separately

iPad Pro 2024 Features

First and foremost, the new tablet impresses with its stunning image quality. The screen utilizes two OLED panels, resulting in vibrant and vivid colors. Moreover, they have excellent sun glare resistance, allowing you to effortlessly use the device outdoors. And with HDR mode enabled, the picture will closely resemble the stunning images found on high-end MacBooks. iPads with 11- and 13-inch displays are available. They are virtually identical in terms of size; the screens themselves boast the same exceptional quality.

New iPad Pro with M4 processor


The processor of the iPad Pro is the latest M4, showcasing exceptional performance. The clock speed of this tablet matches that of the M3, found on the previous version of the device. The differences can be found in the higher number of cores and the inclusion of a specialized chip known as NPU, which handles artificial intelligence tasks with expertise. The M4 is incredibly powerful, with a mind-boggling capacity for up to 38 trillion operations per second. It also boasts impressive support for ray tracing, taking your visual experience to a whole new level. This processor is widely regarded as the top choice for mobile devices. However, the chips found in the latest versions of the MacBook and Apple desktop computers outperform it. Indeed, the full potential of the M4 has yet to be unveiled, as there is currently a limited number of applications designed specifically for it.

You’ll notice a significant improvement in the responsiveness of the device compared to previous models. Now it’s down to just 5 milliseconds. The decrease in response time is quite remarkable. It’s worth mentioning that the new iPad boasts an impressively slim design. With a thickness of just 5.1 mm, it showcases exceptional slimness.

iPad Pro 2024 price

In Russia, the price for this tablet varies from 134,000 rubles for the basic model to 345,000 rubles for the top-of-the-line option. With that budget, you have the option to purchase a state-of-the-art MacBook or a high-performance laptop.

Can the iPad Pro 2024 replace the MacBook?

New iPad Pro with M4 processor

The iPad Pro’s capabilities are not any different from what previous models offered. Indeed, it boasts impressive speed and the ability to seamlessly handle a wide range of cutting-edge applications and modern games, reminiscent of the Resident Evil 4 remake. However, it continues to utilize the iPadOS mobile operating system. As a result, several applications designed for the MacBook and desktop iMac are not accessible on the tablet. It cannot match the capabilities of an Apple computer, no matter how hard it tries.

Press reviews of the iPad Pro 2024

The iPad Pro 2024 has it all: a fantastic OLED display, powerful M4 processor performance, a thin yet durable design, and long battery life. Apple has released the best premium tablet in years. True, some peripheral devices and applications for it are too expensive.
—Tony Polanco, Tom’s Guide


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