Destiny 2: The Final Shape Review – An Epic Conclusion to a Legendary Saga

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Review - An Epic Conclusion to a Legendary Saga

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Review is one of the most significant moments in Bungie’s lengthy and ambitious looter-shooter series. This expansion will close off the Light and Darkness saga, one of the most longed-for titles in franchise history. Anticipation is high as players want to tie up many stories and mysteries that have been running for ages. So, let’s now look at it in depth and see how it compares to its predecessors.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Review

Storyline and Lore – Face off the Witness

Perhaps its biggest selling point is The Final Shape’s narrative. It attempts to mend together numerous expansions, seasons, and lore entries across several years of storytelling. The player known as the Guardian faces off against The Witness, who represents nothing but darkness itself. Never has the entire universe been more hanging on thread than now.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Review - An Epic Conclusion to a Legendary Saga
Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Bungie does an excellent job of providing an engaging story full of surprises and a plot that takes unexpected turns with every step you make. With their sharp scriptwriting skills balanced by top-notch voice acting from talented celebrities like Zavala, Ikora or enigmatic Drifter.

This gives rise to a sense of real-life character portrayal on screen that hits hard, especially for those who’ve been around them for quite some time before this moment came along. In conclusion, The Final Shape winds up both satisfyingly and thought-provokingly, thus leaving gaps for future narratives while wrapping up long-standing threads.


Tight gunplay with satisfying mechanics has always been Destiny 2’s highlights, as in The Last Form. A core gaming loop consisting of shooting guns, looting items, and progressing characters stays addictive and is too familiar. Consequently, Bungie brings fresh abilities/supers, making various classes feel powerful when fighting.

Introduction to Subclass system

Among additions made in this expansion is a new subclass system; it allows further customization, thus bringing more strategic play. Combining abilities, fragments, and aspects gives players a unique chance to manipulate their play style, promoting experimentation and individuality.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Review - An Epic Conclusion to a Legendary Saga
Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Additionally, the expansion introduces an array of fresh weapons and armor sets, which are amazingly detailed and stunningly beautiful. The game’s new exotic equipment provides many more possibilities for its fans due to its unique perks that may become decisive in this or that gameplay occasion. Moreover, the crafting system has been refined not to make it look overwhelming but reachable for players.


The Final Shape is breathtakingly good-looking. The Bungie art team surpassed all previous standards by creating awe-inspiring environments that seem alien yet familiar to our eyes. The new levels are both different and excellently made, from the ones where you can feel melancholy emptiness to those where life teems bright colors. Every area appears like some carefully planned artwork full of hidden secrets or legends.

Art Design

Similarly, enemy characters have artistic designs attached to them, too. New foes introduced in this expansion pack possess striking visuals and give gamers an extra challenge. Hence, developers have devised a philosophy behind the enemies’ designs to ensure that these enemies aren’t just bullet sponges; instead, they will require tactical planning and adaptability.

Activities and Endgame Content


The Final Shape contains a pool of activities players can participate in. It has an extensive campaign involving solo and cooperative missions that engage the players to some extent. The campaign missions vary; some are intense combat encounters while others are more exploration and puzzle-solving oriented.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape
Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Another highlight is the new raid, one of Bungie’s finest works. This raid isn’t easy because these encounters require absolute precision coordination and communication, but the rewards are worth it. The raid shows off Bungie’s genius in designing mechanics and aesthetics of multiplayer experiences for all to remember.

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Apart from the raid, additional strikes, Gambit mode updates, and many new PVP maps are available now. These additions mean that once the players have finished playing the main storyline, they won’t be left without things to do. Seasonal content remains important since Bungie promises to occasionally add different activities, along with stories or gear updates.


The sound design in The Final Shape is outstanding. It makes you feel like you’re holding guns or using abilities in an actual environment. Bungie’s music team has excelled greatly on this score and other aspects.


The musical scores change depending on what’s happening onscreen, making key moments more impactful. Some of them will likely become classics among fans of the Destiny franchise due to their unforgettable melodies.


Bungie has always clarified how vital community engagement is, including with The Final Shape. The company is open about everything regarding its game-making process because it wants feedback from gamers so that they can develop something together when things go wrong; hence, destiny feels alive. Changes brought up by community influence include those concerning game quality of life, which developers added due to the community’s demands on Bungie.

Player Engagement

Regarding in-game community features, there have been some changes to clans and fireteam matchmaking, which have made it easier for players to find groups and play together. Thus, Destiny 2 (2017) still seems extremely sociable due to its strong social side that has always made players feel collectively united towards one goal.


However, The Final Shape is not without its problems, even though it remains a fantastic expansion. Some people could say they knew what was coming next in the story or that everything wasn’t tied up neatly at the end.

Areas for Improvement

Furthermore, while there are many new things to do, others may claim that the core gameplay loop can become repetitive with time. Relying on seasonal content to keep a game fresh can both help and harm it. It ensures a continuous influx of new activities but also means that when you return after a break, too much content has already piled up.


Multiple triumphs have been achieved by Destiny 2: The Final Shape. To create a game that would engage fans till the very last moment while developing a storyline again over the past few years, Bungie managed successfully. With numerous customization choices plus locations and other things to do, this will be enough time for hours of playing. The expansion evidences Bungie’s commitment and flexibility to its fan base. There is room for improvement, but generally, every game lover should have a taste of this. The Final Shape reaffirms Destiny 2 as one of the most outstanding looter-shooter games available; this experience will keep you on the edge and make you feel so satisfied.


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