PlayStation players have early access to Destiny 2: The Final Shape – spoilers abound online

PlayStation players have early access to Destiny 2: The Final Shape - spoilers abound online

Sony encountered yet another leak last night. Users reported gaining early access to The Final Shape expansion for Destiny 2, well ahead of its official release date.

Meanwhile, there was no comment from either Bungie or Sony regarding the leak. Users have reported having access to story missions, raid details, mechanics (not confirmed), new loot, content from three episodes, activities, and a plethora of other features.


One player on Reddit shared their success in downloading The Final Shape build in advance using Sony cloud streaming. The Destiny Bulletin Twitter account highlights the presence of spoilers not just online, but also within the text chat of Destiny 2.

Prism Subclass

The Power of the Prism will allow you to use the elements of Lightning, Sun, Void, Stasis and Thread for the first time to create your own unique subclass. Both Light and Darkness coexist perfectly in you, Guardians

Story campaign

The Final Form is approaching – the reduction of all reality to a single and unchanging order according to the nightmare plan of the Witness. Go with the Vanguard to the very heart of the Wanderer and put an end to the war of Light and Darkness

New superpowers

To defeat the Witness, it will take hitherto unimaginable power. Hunters of Lightning, Titans of the Void and Warlocks of the Sun, you will have to master new superpowers and challenge death

New destination

Find your way through distorted time and space. Follow in the footsteps of the Witness and find out what lurks in the depths of the Wanderer

“Final Form” releases June 4th.


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