Cities: Skylines II developers will rework the in-game economy

Cities: Skylines 2 developers will rework the in-game economy

Details about the upcoming upgrade for Cities: Skylines II, a city-planning simulation, have been released by Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order. The main patch is intended to drastically alter the in-game economy and is slated for release between June 3 and June 19.

The authors claim that the main goals of the patch are to emphasize the significance of managing the economy, raise overall complexity, and make it more evident to the player how his choices affect the economy.

Furthermore, the building section of Cities: Skylines II will be improved in the next release. In addition to having additional freedom to add, delete, and rearrange specific upgrades, players will be able to install building upgrades around key structures.


Cities: Skylines II will receive a new patch in the fall that will contain several modifications based on user feedback and free content. Examples include improvements for maintenance trucks and structures, as well as a surface tool that gives you more freedom to paint the spaces surrounding buildings.

Although Cities: Skylines II’s console version is still scheduled for October, the creators do not completely rule out delaying it.


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