Yes, Your Grace Review

Yes, Your Grace Review

With Power Comes Responsibility

Yes, Your Grace transports us to Davern, a medieval kingdom where monsters and witchcraft are seamlessly integrated into the city’s daily existence. Master the art of ruling as you take on the role of King Eryk, navigating through the challenges of handling petitioners, forging alliances, and preparing for the possibility of war, all while skillfully managing the resources at your disposal. This medieval strategy RPG was expertly crafted by the talented team at indie studio Noodlecake.

Just a heads up, the game isn’t free. Upon downloading, it immediately informs you that in order to access the full version, a payment is required. If you want to give it a try, the demo is available for free. However, chances are you’ll end up paying for it eventually. The pixel art, the story, the music, and the interactions between characters in Yes, Your Grace are truly exceptional.

As a skilled ruler, you must navigate the delicate equilibrium between the needs of your kingdom and the needs of your family, even when they are at odds with each other. Difficult decisions must be made in order to make progress, and only time will reveal their outcomes.

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

The gameplay is straightforward and easy to follow. You’ll expertly evaluate the petitioners at the beginning of the week and decide whether or not to assist them. Some may require gold or supplies, while others may require manpower. When handling a petitioner, it is crucial to maintain a detailed record of your decisions and their outcomes in your archives. Depending on your choices, the quality of your resources and the overall satisfaction of your people will be negatively impacted. Once you’re done, you’ll have the opportunity to converse with your family, allies, or prisoners, depending on the decisions you’ve made. Once all other tasks are completed, you can seamlessly transition to the following week. Once you complete the process, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing your income and deductions for tax purposes. Here you can expertly invest in resolving any issues or efficiently prepare for any upcoming tasks.

Initially, I anticipated a more serious rendition of Reigns, but it surpasses those expectations. While Reigns has a lighthearted tone and focuses on the King’s survival, Yes, Your Grace delves into the more profound responsibilities of being a skilled ruler. You’ll need to grasp the concept that being a king requires more than just being kind or ruling with an authoritarian approach.

It’s important to manage resources wisely and strike a balance between keeping your subjects content and maintaining appropriate boundaries. Some individuals may attempt to deceive you, while others may be beyond your assistance. You’ll need to become adept at distinguishing between tricksters and those who genuinely require your assistance. And, above all, it’s crucial to find a harmonious equilibrium between your personal life and the responsibilities of ruling your kingdom.


Between Family and Duty

The writing of the characters is exceptionally well done, especially when it comes to portraying the family dynamics. The King’s relationship with his daughters is a perfect blend of sweetness and bitterness. I won’t reveal too much to avoid spoiling the story, but the daughters’ reactions to the King’s choices were incredibly authentic. After all, being part of the royal family requires a level of expertise and professionalism in fulfilling one’s duty.

When it comes to the art, I typically don’t pay much attention to pixel art styles. However, in Yes, Your Grace, I was pleasantly surprised. The art style and the music perfectly enhance the story. Every location exudes its own unique color palette, perfectly setting the atmosphere.

In my opinion, Yes, Your Grace is more of an immersive experience rather than just a game. You have the power to make decisions that have a significant impact on both yourself and those around you. I absolutely adored the art and the music, as well as the clever hidden jokes and the authentic portrayal of the relationships. If you’re someone who enjoys casual games or wants to experience the true feeling of being a king, I highly recommend giving Yes, Your Grace a try.


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