Palworld guide – what to do with prisoners

Palworld guide - what to do with prisoners

Palworld can be quite an intriguing and occasionally eerie place, despite its charming appearance. The local inhabitants are highly skilled and can provide valuable opportunities for financial gain. In the game, you’ll encounter skilled merchants who are willing to purchase your captives at a favorable price. This may come as a surprise and even provoke some indignation, as it extends beyond just animals.

Indeed, in this fantastical realm, one can partake in the trading of slaves with the expertise of a seasoned player, reminiscent of the immersive experiences found in games like Fallout, Kenshi, or a friend’s post-apocalyptic adventure. However, just like many other aspects of Palworld, it’s not as intimidating as it may seem, and it’s simply another way to make money here. Typically, the game also adheres to the mindset of “business is business”, so we’ll refer to it as a bounty hunt to avoid any negative feelings.

Below we will discuss how, in the pursuit of quick money in this vibrant environment, one can unknowingly become involved in human trafficking.


In the world of Palworld, you can become an expert hunter, capable of tracking down and capturing anyone, including other people. The process of hunting humans is surprisingly similar to hunting animals. Master the art of capturing someone by skillfully hurling your pal sphere towards them. In addition, this technique is effective against both human enemies and NPCs.


Of course, at first, the likelihood of this happening is low and relies on variables like the enemy’s level and the type of your pal-sphere. But some players were able to successfully catch the merchants themselves. One important tip to keep in mind is that when the enemy has low health, it becomes much easier to catch them.


Trading in Palworld is a highly effective method for generating income. There are two distinct types – the regular ones found in cities and villages, and the more illicit black market traders. Typically, you can find the latter near mines and ruins, although their whereabouts may vary in the future. Surprisingly, both of them are willing to make such a questionable deal with you. They have a knack for trading in various goods and dealing with fires, but what sets them apart is their willingness to purchase captives from you without any hesitation.

The significance of this unethical endeavor lies in the fact that in Palworld, individuals hold far greater value than average citizens. Consequently, it could be argued that the developers themselves are encouraging us to engage in these illicit activities. Doing this at the start of the game is particularly advantageous because, before you acquire the most valuable companions that you wouldn’t want to part with, people are the most efficient means of quickly earning money.

Additionally, as previously stated, there is a chance of apprehending even the merchant themselves, which adds an ironic twist to the situation. Using captured merchants as a reinforcement for your combat unit may not be the most effective strategy. However, instead of selling them, you can utilize their services by keeping them at your base. This way, you’ll always have access to their goods.


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