Palworld guide – how to make pals work for you

Palworld guide - how to make pals work for you

In one of our previous guides, we discussed becoming an expert in managing your mines in Palworld. Now, let’s delve into maximizing resource extraction efficiency with the assistance of your loyal companions.

In Palworld, you have the ability to streamline and automate nearly every process. Give expert instructions to your friends and eliminate the need to spend unnecessary time and effort on lengthy and complicated tasks. Your tamed animals are skilled at performing a range of valuable tasks at your base. They can construct, gather resources, create items at workbenches, and even defend the area from enemies. They truly excel at their roles. However, if you don’t assign them a specific task, they’ll gladly relax for days on end. Ensuring that your assistants stay focused on the work you want to do requires a consistent approach.


Palworld guide - how to make pals work for you

If you want your friends to excel in a specific area of work, you’ll need to guide them towards the right path. To assign a task to your capable assistant, simply select him using the F key and place him at a workbench, resource extraction site, or any other work point.

By now, this may not always yield flawless results, requiring you to toss them a couple of times until your buddies truly master the task at hand. If you’re having trouble assigning the pal to a workbench, try returning it to the sphere and summoning it again. This should resolve the issue.

Now your animals will be engaged in productive activities, rather than idling, pacing in circles, or indiscriminately attacking anything that comes near your base.



Palworld guide - how to make pals work for you

Next, you can enhance the effectiveness of your furry work force with a Pala Essence Capsule. This remarkable product combines with their own kind to improve their skills. Mastering the use of the capsule not only enhances your monsters’ battle prowess, but also allows you to elevate stats that prove invaluable in non-combat situations, like mining.

There are currently four stages of mastery:

  • Stage 1: 4 palas
  • Stage 2: 16 fells
  • Stage 3: 32 palas
  • Stage 4: 64 palas

Mastering the art of combining multiple fires is essential for achieving significant improvements. The positive results become evident right from the initial stages of the process. This will motivate you to become an expert at farming more of the same type of fire. Even with a basic upgrade to level 2, the increase in productivity will be significant and well worth the investment of 20 caught individuals.

Now you can effortlessly delegate tasks to your pets and embark on an exhilarating adventure through the islands of Palworld as they handle all the heavy lifting. And with the help of the miracle capsule, you’ll see a significant boost in their productivity at work. They will complete crafting with exceptional speed, extract resources with remarkable efficiency, and swiftly distribute everything they need into containers.


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