Palmer Luckey: In the future, AI will inevitably kill innocent people


According to Palmer Luckey, future conflicts involving artificial intelligence would unavoidably result in the deaths of innocent civilians. In a recent interview with Bloomberg News, he discussed this. Luckey highlights that when the military uses AI, it is imperative to have humans involved in processes.

There will be people killed by AI who shouldn’t have died. This is inevitable if artificial intelligence becomes a key part of warfare. We need to make sure that people remain accountable because that is the only way we will move towards better decisions and fewer accidental deaths and civilian casualties.


Although Luckey admits the possible risks associated with AI, he contends that the technology can address current issues that pose a greater risk of death to innocent individuals.

Luckey is among the contemporary authorities on technical warfare, with a Forbes estimate of his net worth of $2.3 billion. He was a founder of Oculus, a VR headset business, although he left when it was sold. He currently serves as the CEO of Anduril, a company that has multibillion-dollar contracts with the US Department of Defense.


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