Manor Lords player built a town that’s ‘impossible to manage’ after 50 hours – even the developer is impressed

Manor Lords

A player of Manor Lords has invested more than fifty hours in building a metropolis that pushes the boundaries of strategy, an accomplishment that even the game’s creator finds impressive.

The biggest city we’ve yet to see in Manor Lords was revealed in a post by Redditor Busy-Shallot, who celebrated his accomplishment.

I have reached the goal of my journey. I collected 4,548 residents in one region.


The goal of the infamous “Slavic Project” was to house “the maximum possible number of people in one region without fuel and food.” It is true that many NPCs perished throughout the winter without food or fuel, so the triumph was not won without a cost.

There are repercussions from cramming so many villagers into one save file. This metropolis only rendered the game “unplayable” and “pathfinding virtually non-existent,” as opposed to the unemployment and cramped conditions that typically accompany densely populated locations.

Perhaps the record can be broken, as the gamer suggests, but this will need a more potent PC. These days, loading from the SSD can take up to 20 minutes. In the meantime, the creator expressed his amazement at the accomplishment and pledged to “keep working on optimizations” so that users may push the limits of the medieval city-building simulator.

Manor Lords player built a town that's 'impossible to manage' after 50 hours - even the developer is impressed


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