On Steam you can download a horror game in the spirit of Poppy Playtime and FNAF for free with a rating of 95%


Within a day of its debut, Indigo Park: Chapter 1, a free action-horror game set in an abandoned theme park, garnered over a thousand good reviews on the Valve site. The project is frequently compared by players to Five Nights at Freddy’s and Poppy Playtime.

Indigo Park is a “thrilling, immersive first-person game” that lets you explore an abandoned theme park, according to its makers. Under the direction of Rumbley, a cuddly raccoon AI assistant, the player must replenish the attractions’ power supply. He will also need to figure out why the park was closed and what precisely transpired here all those years ago.


Since “Chapter 1” appears in the title, story updates for the game are probably forthcoming. Still, a lot of player evaluations compliment the project for its voice acting, soundtrack, and atmosphere, and it currently has a 95% rating.

Here’s where you can get Indigo Park: Chapter 1 for free to add to your Steam library.

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