New Screenshots Coming from GTA 6


Rockstar Games is diligently working on GTA 6, aiming to make it the standout game of the year. The company also unveiled the first trailer from the game, but naturally, this left fans wanting more. We anticipate further information about the game to be revealed and additional details to be shared. An important step was recently taken in this direction. Preparation is underway on the official site of Rockstar Games, hinting at the imminent release of new screenshots for GTA 6.

When Will GTA 6 Screenshots Arrive?

The issue arose from posts made by the GTA 6 Countdown Twitter account, which had gained a reputation for leaking information.

As per the account that shared the visuals of Rockstar Games’ site, a new section called “Screens” has been launched on the site.

In this section, located at the bottom of the GTA 6 game page, you can expect to find some impressive screenshots taken directly from the game.

Indeed, upon closer examination of the codes, it becomes apparent that there are additional visual extensions that will be incorporated into this section.


It is worth noting that the section in question was removed following the leak. Currently, there is no official confirmation regarding this section.

However, there are also guidelines on when new screenshots may be released. Take-Two Interactive, a leading umbrella company, has announced a special investor meeting scheduled for May 16. During this meeting, we can expect to receive additional details about the game and have the opportunity to view new screenshots.

We cannot confirm if there will be any additional information or specifics regarding the release date, apart from the screenshots.


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