120 FPS Era in PUBG Mobile! Which Phones Will Be Supported?


PUBG Mobile, despite the passage of years, continues to maintain a dedicated player base. An important update is on its way to enhance the gaming experience. Version 3.2 of the game will soon be released, bringing with it the highly anticipated high FPS support. This feature has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. However, it’s important to note that the feature will only be available for a select number of devices initially. Afterwards, we can discuss how the support for the update is anticipated to grow and delve into the specifics.

120 FPS Support Coming to PUBG Mobile

The new version will include a 120 FPS screen mode, showcasing a professional level of smoothness and responsiveness. With the land speed set at 120 FPS instead of 90 FPS, players can expect a seamlessly smooth gameplay experience.

The new frame rate, which will be available after the v3.2 update to be released today, will initially be accessible to a select group of users. Since the supported devices will currently be limited to certain Samsung models.


By examining the update details, we can take full advantage of the new screen feature on the Samsung Galaxy S24 flagship series, the Samsung Galaxy S23 flagship series, and the Galaxy Z Fold 5 smartphones.

The update is anticipated to be rolled out to a wider range of devices from various brands in the near future. We can observe Xiaomi smartphones and various Samsung models as the leading contenders in the phone market.

We will be including a few additional features that will be included in the update.

  • strider
  • New Jetpack
  • Magnet Gun
  • armamech
  • MEcha Fusion Mode
  • pilot challenge
  • Levitron tool
  • New pointer for respawn

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