MSI Showcases its AI-Based Technologies at COMPUTEX 2024


In response to the inevitable AI trend, MSI, one of the most ambitious companies in AI PCs, gaming, and AIoT solutions, is getting ready to present its next-generation products at Computex 2024. Let’s examine the features and things we may expect from the next generation of artificial intelligence-powered technologies.

MSI’s Featured AI Products

New AI-powered PCs, a specialized Offline text-to-image Generative AI tool called AI ARTIST, different GPU platform servers like G4101 and G4201, the recently released S2301 CXL memory extension server, and much more will be on display at MSI’s COMPUTEX 2024 exhibit.

Additionally, the AI-enabled laptop MSI Prestige 16 AI Evo, one of our award-winning products, will be recognized as the COMPUTEX Best Choice Gold Award Winner.

“As we enter the age of artificial intelligence, MSI is determined to meet the diverse needs of our global customers,” stated Sam Chern, vice president of marketing at MSI.We are sure that the technology, software, and solutions we offer that are enhanced by AI will help people and organizations realize new possibilities.

MSI Prestige 16 AI Evo: COMPUTEX Best Choice Gold Award Winner

The Prestige 16 AI Evo is the finest option if you’re looking for a thin yet potent AI laptop. It was the winner of the COMPUTEX finest Choice Gold Award in the PC and systems category. It weighs only 1.5 kg and boasts a lightweight magnesium alloy chassis with an Intel® CoreTM Ultra 9 processor.

The PD 3.1, with its 140W charging capability, guarantees long-lasting efficiency on any AI mission thanks to its robust 99.9WHr battery, which belies its small size.

MSI Showcases its AI-Based Technologies at COMPUTEX 2024

MSI AI Artist, Offline Text-to-Image Generative AI Software: Inspiring Creativity to a New Level .

High-performance laptops can be used to export your files as layered PSD files for Photoshop editing with MSI AI ARTIST, an offline text-to-image Generative AI application.

By doing this, network latency and the possibility of data leakage are eliminated, increasing content makers’ productivity. Render images straight within your MSI product, produce eye-catching graphics, and easily incorporate text. Go to a new level of creation and inspiration!

MSI Showcases its AI-Based Technologies at COMPUTEX 2024

MSI Claw: 2024 COMPUTEX Best Choice Award and Red Dot Design Award Winner

The first mobile gaming console with an Intel® CoreTM Ultra CPU is the MSI Claw. It received the Red Dot Design Award and the 2024 COMPUTEX Best Choice Award for its streamlined performance and ergonomic design. The newest ARCTM graphics and Intel® Xess technology enable the MSI Claw to give a fluid gaming experience in a wide range of AAA titles.

The performance of the MSI Claw has grown by roughly 150% with the most recent updates, offering a fluid gaming experience for the top 100 Steam games. The MSI Claw has a 53Whr battery that provides an amazing two hours of energy life with heavy usage.

Quick access to essential features, such as a quick game launcher and speedy platform access, is made possible with the updated MSI Center M UI interface. Furthermore, compared to conventional models, the durability of the joystick is doubled thanks to Hall Effect sensor technology.

MSI Showcases its AI-Based Technologies at COMPUTEX 2024

MSI Introduces Comprehensive GPU Platforms for AI Markets G4101, G4201 AI Server Platform

With an eye toward the AI market, MSI provides a range of GPU platforms, from four to eight GPUs. With a single liquid-cooled AMD EPYCTM Series processor, 12 DDR5 RDIMM slots, and 4 PCIe 5.0 x16 slots that support triple-slot graphics cards, the 4U 4-GPU G4101 is designed with AI training in mind.

A multitude of AI applications can benefit from the high-speed storage offered by the 12 front 2.5″ U.2 NVMe/SATA drive slots. Combining closed-loop liquid cooling with an airflow gap allows the G4101 to maintain optimal performance even during taxing operations while offering superior thermal management.

MSI Showcases its AI-Based Technologies at COMPUTEX 2024

The G4201 is a 4U supercomputer with eight double-wide and one single-wide PCIe 5.0 x16 slot for high-performance GPUs.

It is powered by two 5th Gen Intel® It also features twelve 3.5” drive bays for expanded functionality.

We’re Breaking the Chains of HPC with the New CXL Memory Expansion Server: S2301 CXL Memory Expansion Server

AI training and HPC (high performance computing) applications benefit greatly from the CXL (Compute Express Link) solutions that MSI and its partners provide in partnership with industry leaders in the field, including AMD ®, Samsung, and Micron.

In anticipation of the launch of the S2301 CXL memory expansion server, MSI created this system with in-memory databases and data-intensive workloads in mind.

MSI Showcases its AI-Based Technologies at COMPUTEX 2024

This 2U server has 24 DDR5 DIMM slots, 2 PCIe 5.0 x16 slots, and is powered by dual-socket 4th Gen AMD EPYCTM Series processors. It is also ready for certain next-generation AMD EPYCTM processors.

Up to 8TB of expandable memory is available in this system thanks to its eight E3.S 2T drive bays for CXL memory and eight ES.3 1T bays for NVMe storage!

MSI’s New AI Gaming Desktops Offer Gamers a Unique Gaming Experience .

MEG VISION X AI, outfitted with cutting-edge AI technology, combines MSI’s AI ENGINE into a touch-screen AI-powered HMI.

In addition to providing cloud and specialized AI assistant features, MEG VISION X AI automatically optimizes hardware settings based on player behavior through smart detection.

You may use generative AI locally to create high-quality photographs with MSI Artist x MSI Chat.

MSI Showcases its AI-Based Technologies at COMPUTEX 2024

In order to protect sensitive material, it can also automatically create text, Q&A, and summaries from documents in local folders without requiring an online connection.

Saying “Hey Copilot” to initiate calls or wake up is possible with Microsoft Copilot voice control feature. The distinction between AI and humans is further muddled by Copilot’s ability to answer directly through the integrated speaker.

Furthermore, the COMPUTEX favorite of this year, the MAG INFINITE E1, a new gaming desktop computer from the MAG series, is forceful in providing gamers with an enhanced gaming experience.


MSI Modern AM273Q AI Receives COMPUTEX 2024 Best Pick Award

The Best Choice Category Award went to the contemporary AM273Q AI series. Made from PCR recycled plastics, commercial AIO PCs are packaged in pulp.

With MSI’s Power Meter software, it offers one-click energy savings, carbon emission calculations, and electricity cost estimation. Enhances efficiency and confidentiality for corporate users with an Intel® AI Boost NPU and a webcam concealed within the chassis.

MSI Showcases its AI-Based Technologies at COMPUTEX 2024

Leading Motherboards and PCs Are Ready for the Future

Those who step into MSI’s impressive booth are often MSI PC building and DIY enthusiasts looking for fresh ideas that include DIY-friendly designs and innovative solutions. From great aesthetics to revolutionary features, these designs will push the limits of the DIY community.

But that’s not all!– At MSI’s booth, visitors will have the opportunity to see first-hand the latest DIY-friendly designs and  experience the sheer power of connectivity features revolutionized by the Thunderbolt TM ecosystem.

Additionally, with DigiME’s innovative application, you can step into the virtual world and discover the excitement of being a virtual broadcaster for yourself.

MSI Showcases its AI-Based Technologies at COMPUTEX 2024

Innovations in PC Hardware

No more long installation processes or complex configurations. According to MSI, all that awaits DIY enthusiasts is simple, effortless assembly.

New QD-OLED Series Sets New Standards in Immersive Gaming Experiences.

MSI MPG 341CQPX QD-OLED  gaming monitor offers the highest level of immersion and clarity with its 34” ultra-wide 3440×1440 (UWQHD) screen, 240Hz refresh rate and 1800R curvature. Utilizing advanced QD-OLED technology, it delivers precise and vivid visuals with a 0.03ms response time.

Designed for the ultimate gaming experience, this gaming monitor comes with MSI’s exclusive Gaming Intelligence software. It also offers superior technology and performance with KVM, HDMITM 2.1 connectivity and VESA ClearMRTM 13000.

MSI Showcases its AI-Based Technologies at COMPUTEX 2024

MAG 271QPX QD-OLED E2, a 27-inch QD-OLED flat monitor with a reasonable price tag, features a 0.03ms response time, 240Hz refresh rate, 2560×1440 (WQHD) resolution, and HDMI TM 2.1 connectivity. This gaming monitor offers a mix of price/performance without compromising features, and it is specifically made for first-person shooter and console players.

MSI Console Mode and MSI OLED Care 2.0 are available on both displays. It has an incorporated fan design to increase the monitor’s lifespan.

With features like Pixel Shifting, Panel Protection, and Static Screen Detection, it offers improved screen protection. A three-year guarantee is also included with these monitors, which offer anti-burn capabilities like Taskbar Detection, Border Detection, and Multi-Logo Detection.

Next Generation MSI Gear Series

With its extensive peripheral selection, the MSI Gear line, formerly known as MSI Gaming Gear, appeals to professionals and designers in addition to gamers.

The popularity of MSI’s gaming gear, which boasts lightweight construction, extremely low latency, and cross-platform connectivity, served as the model for the new product line.

They will provide players a pleasant edge in this way throughout extended gaming sessions. With its interchangeable cover design and special MSI SONIC switches, the STRIKE wireless keyboard also provides a distinctive typing experience.

MSI Showcases its AI-Based Technologies at COMPUTEX 2024

Complete and error-free control up to 26,000 DPI with extra buttons or symmetrical design is what the VERSA wireless mouse family provides. Conversely, the wireless game controllers from FORCE are equipped with Hall Effect sensors, vibrating joysticks that automatically adjust, and back buttons that can be customized, making them ready for quick reactions.

With the MAESTRO headset, teamwork will be facilitated by incredibly clear communication.

With its Magnetic Portable SSD, Discoverable SSD Enclosure, 7nm PCIe 5.0 SSD, and Non-Metallic VC Thermal Solution, MSI Storage Increases Portability and Efficiency.

Connect the Snap the DATAMAG 40Gbps/20Gbps Magnetic Portable SSD to your iPhone or any other device for high-quality video recording to increase storage capacity to rates of up to 40GB/s.

It includes a PHISON U21 USB 4.0 controller and an elegant aluminum alloy chassis. You can use Apple Find My App to locate the DATAVAULT 20Gbps SSD Enclosure. As a result, you won’t be afraid of losing your documents and data.

With a 7nm DRAM-less controller PHISON E31T for power efficiency and speeds up to 10GB/s, the SPATIUM M560 PCIe 5.0 NVMe M.2 comes in 1TB and 2TB sizes.

We provide the first-ever non-metallic vapor chamber thermal solution for SSDs in the world as a leader in cooling technology. This device delivers rapid and efficient data transfer with a lightweight construction, minimizing any impact on the signals. It does this by removing heat through a two-stage gas and liquid transition.

BE6500 WiFi 7 USB Adapter, MSI Roamii WiFi 7 Mesh Series

The Roamii series, MSI’s newest WiFi 7 mesh system, is intended for high-bandwidth applications like online gaming, 4K/8K streaming, and immersive AR/VR experiences. With its innovative WiFi 7 technology, 4K-QAM, MLO (Multiple Link Operation), 320MHz frequency bands, and 4K-QAM, the system provides faster speeds and lower latency.

The Roamii series offers MLO backhaul communications and wired connectivity of up to 10Gbps, allowing for impressive coverage of up to 6,200 square meters at speeds reaching 21Gbps. MSI FortiSecu offers expert-level protection by seamlessly identifying and neutralizing network threats, while also automatically detecting and securing all connected devices.

Experience the incredible advantages of WiFi 7 with MSI’s BE6500 USB adapter. Effortlessly enhance your PC or laptop connection with seamless plug & play installation and convenient built-in drivers.


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