Microsoft’s New Copilot+ Surface Pro Features an OLED Screen and a Redesigned Keyboard


Microsoft’s approach to the Surface Pro has been rather unconventional in recent years. The 2022 Surface Pro 9 came in both Intel and Arm processor configurations, with the Arm-based option being slower and considerably pricier. Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 10, featuring a powerful Intel processor designed to meet the needs of IT professionals.

Finally, Microsoft has unveiled the new Surface Pro, a device that is sure to impress even the most seasoned laptop users. The new Surface Pro Copilot+ PC (no number) is once again Arm-based, but Microsoft assures that there won’t be any performance drawbacks this time. In fact, with a reimagined version of Windows 11, Microsoft claims these gadgets are 58 percent faster than the “fastest MacBook Air” with an M3 processor, showcasing impressive performance.

More precisely, Copilot+ PCs are expected to reach a staggering 40 trillion operations per second, which is significantly higher than the approximately 18 trillion operations per second claimed by Apple for the M3. The Surface Pro achieves an impressive 45 TOPS, showcasing its professional-grade performance. The company emphasized that the performance has seen a significant boost, with peak performance being 23 percent higher and sustained performance being 58 percent higher. Interestingly, Microsoft chose not to mention the M3 Pro or M3 Max chips.

The new Surface Pro boasts an impressive 90 percent increase in speed compared to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 9. Additionally, Microsoft guarantees a remarkable 14 hours of local video playback. Physically, it’s exactly what you’d expect – a tablet complete with a stand and keyboard. However, the bezels have been slimmed down and there is now a 13-inch OLED screen. When it comes to ports, you’ll find a pair of USB-C ports. Additionally, there is a front camera with quad-HD resolution.


In addition, a new keyboard called the Flex Keyboard has been introduced, offering the flexibility to be used either attached or separately for enhanced convenience. The trackpad has been significantly improved. However, the new keyboard comes with a significant price tag of up to $350, or $450 if you opt for the package that includes the Surface Pen. That’s quite an expensive keyboard.

The new lineup of Copilot+ PC models unveiled yesterday in collaboration with Microsoft partners come packed with a range of advanced AI capabilities, courtesy of the NPU. And a significant portion of this occurs on the device, eliminating the need to wait for data to be transmitted to the cloud or incur expenses for multiple AI subscriptions.

Pre-orders for the Copilot+ Surface Pro are now available, and it is set to be released on June 18th. The Surface Pro is priced at $1,000 and comes in four different colors. This version features the Snapdragon X Plus chip and a standard LCD screen, along with a generous 256 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM. Opting for a model equipped with an OLED screen and a Snapdragon X Elite chip will elevate the price to $1,500. (Additionally, this model boasts an impressive 16GB of RAM and a spacious 512GB SSD). Simply put, a tablet with a keyboard will have a price tag comparable to that of a brand new MacBook Pro.


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