Lorelei and the Laser Eyes is out – another best indie of the year

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes is out - another best indie of the year

Boutique indie publisher Annapurna Interactive has just released Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, a stylish little game that has been receiving rave reviews from both critics and users. It’s clear that this game is a hit among players and experts alike.

The setting is an exquisite baroque mansion nestled in the heart of Europe. The protagonist is invited to this place by a peculiar individual and soon becomes trapped in a series of increasingly bizarre and perilous illusions.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes offers a gameplay that revolves around the art of puzzle-solving. The passage has a non-linear structure, with each riddle intricately linked to the main secret, guiding you towards unraveling the local enigma – “Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.”

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes has received rave reviews from critics, boasting an impressive average score of 87 out of 100. Reviews commend the ingenuity of the riddles, highlighting their high level of complexity. This adds to the sense of accomplishment when solving them, making it feel like a significant achievement rather than just a simple task. One of the reviews humorously refers to it as “Dark Souls from the world of puzzles.”


PC Gamer highlights an intriguing aspect: Lorelei and the Laser Eyes can be effortlessly played with just one hand. This feature proves to be quite handy since you’ll find yourself frequently jotting down notes in a notepad with your other hand, as the game strongly encourages. Lorelei is also quite large. PC Gamer managed to complete 70% of the playthrough in 17 hours, showcasing their expertise.

In addition, Lorelei and the Laser Eyes effortlessly explores different perspectives and formats, transforming the game into a thrilling quest, an immersive eight-bit adventure, or a nostalgic demo reminiscent of the first PlayStation. And there appears to be a higher level of complexity at play, reminiscent of Kojima’s clever techniques in the Metal Gear Solid series. Some also emphasize the plot, but it may be a bit slow-paced and demands a significant level of engagement in the unfolding events.

Players have given Lorelei and the Laser Eyes rave reviews, with a perfect 100% approval rating on Steam. It’s worth noting that there are currently only 33 reviews, but the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Users also highly appreciate the riddles and make clever jokes, comparing it to “Resident Evil” but with a mathematical twist.

The creators of Lorelei and the Laser Eyes are the talented team at Simogo studio. Some of its most renowned games include the breathtaking “runner” Sayonara Wild Hearts, the intriguing folklore puzzle Year Walk, and the one-of-a-kind text detective Device 6. All of them have received rave reviews from both critics and users alike.

You can find Lorelei and the Laser Eyes on Steam for 1050 rubles, as well as on Nintendo Switch. The Russian language is not included.


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