Hellblade 2 is officially out on PC and Xbox. The game was immediately released to the public


Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 has been released and is now available on PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X/S (including through Game Pass). Due to the absence of Denuvo protection, the game was swiftly leaked to the public domain.

In the Russian Steam region, the game is priced at 3,119 rubles. Subtitles are available in an official localization.

At the same time as the release, the first reviews popped up online. The score on Metacritic is 81 points, while on OpenCritic it’s 83 points. The new product has received high praise for its impressive graphics and exceptional acting. However, some users have expressed their disappointment with the gameplay, which they feel has remained unchanged since the first installment. A Forbes columnist expressed dissatisfaction with the game, noting that at times it can feel like a walking simulator, with little else to offer besides the opportunity to explore stunning environments.


Some bloggers released videos for the release comparing graphics on Xbox and PC with different settings. We wrote about system requirements here .


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