GTA 6 publisher says Rockstar is aiming to create “an experience like no one has seen before”

GTA 6 publisher says Rockstar is aiming to create "an experience like no one has seen before"

The CEO of Take-Two expressed strong confidence in the upcoming release of GTA 6, slated for the fall of 2025. Rockstar Games is dedicated to crafting a truly unparalleled gaming experience.

Last week, Take-Two, the publisher, made an exciting announcement about the release of GTA 6. They confirmed that the game will be launching in the fall of 2025, putting to rest any speculations of a potential delay until 2026. Shortly after, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick made an appearance on CNBC to address inquiries regarding Rockstar’s creative process and the developer’s assurance in meeting deadlines.

When questioned about Rockstar’s internal development schedule, Zelnick pointed out that the number of bugs in a game can be a reliable measure of development progress.


For example, each of us will strive for a minimum number of errors in the game before launch.

However, in the case of an exceptional game, from which much is expected, it is not only about mistakes. It’s about creating an experience that has never been seen before, and Rockstar Games is committed to excellence. Perfection is difficult to measure.

Zelnick was also asked how confident Take-Two and Rockstar Games are in sticking to their late 2025 release plans.

Delays happen in the industry, and we are not immune to this. However, we have narrowed the time frame because we are very confident in this.

Exciting updates regarding GTA 6 could be revealed in the upcoming weeks. In recent weeks, skilled data miners diligently searched Rockstar’s website and stumbled upon API data pertaining to the game’s cover art and fresh screenshots. This exciting find could potentially hint at an upcoming update.


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