Final Fantasy 14 is Making Changes to Its Fantasia Feature

Final Fantasy 14 is Making Changes to Its Fantasia Feature


  • Changes to Fantasia potion in Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail allow one-hour window for reverting or making more changes.
  • Players can receive a free Fantasia in Ul’dah once Dawntrail is released, with unlimited options for appearance changes.
  • Patch 7.0 on June 28 will bring Fantasia changes, a new Ul’dah quest for free Fantasia, and discounted potions for sale.

During the 81st Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, Naoki Yoshida, the producer and director of Final Fantasy 14, announced an exciting update for players. Now, when using a Fantasia in the Dawntrail expansion, players will have a one-hour window to either revert their changes or make additional adjustments. This new feature will allow players to fine-tune their characters with ease. Furthermore, Yoshida has confirmed that every Final Fantasy 14 player will be able to obtain a complimentary Fantasia potion in Ul’dah upon the release of Dawntrail.

The 81st Live Letter episode kicked off with a bang as Final Fantasy 14 unveiled the much-awaited Dawntrail Job Action trailer. This exciting preview gave players a glimpse of the incredible new skills and animations that will be available to all Jobs in the upcoming expansion. The 21-minute trailer showcased the new Viper and Pictomancer Jobs in action, providing players with an exciting preview of the gauges that will be utilized by these fresh additions. The trailer also showcased the updates to other Jobs in Dawntrail, such as the revamped Dragoon and Astrologian. Yoshida showcased the Viper and the Pictomancer with a live demonstration during the broadcast.


After sharing additional information about the upcoming Dawntrail PC Benchmark update, set to release by the end of May, Yoshida mentioned that players who are excited to test out the improved character creator will have an extra treat in store. The Fantasia potions in the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store will soon offer players a convenient one-hour window to expertly modify their character’s appearance, such as their race, gender, and other unique features. Yoshida emphasized that players have complete freedom to make as many changes as they want within the one-hour window. He also mentioned that the timer will begin as soon as any modifications are made after using a Fantasia.

Final Fantasy 14 Fantasia Changes

  • Players will have one hour after using a Fantasia to make or revert changes to their character’s appearance.
  • A new quest in Ul’dah will reward players with a free Fantasia.
  • The Fantasia changes will come with Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail




The updates to the Fantasia feature will be included in Final Fantasy 14’s Patch 7.0, scheduled for release on June 28th. Furthermore, Yoshida mentioned the exciting addition of a new quest in Ul’dah once Dawntrail is released. This quest will grant players a complimentary Fantasia potion to enhance their experience with the graphics update, which was discussed during the Tokyo FanFest presentation in January 2024. You can purchase additional Fantasia potions on the Online Store, starting at $10. There are discounts available for buying in packs or during limited-time sales.
With the Job changes, graphical update, and adjustments to the Fantasia potion, Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail is undergoing a series of exciting updates. It’s uncertain whether a Fantasia sale will happen once the expansion is released.


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