Askeia Class Added to Black Desert Mobile: Here Are Its Abilities

Askeia Class

The Askeia class replaced the previous one in Black Desert Mobile because to its exceptional fighting prowess.

In the well-liked MMORPG Black Desert Mobile, Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss unveiled the blazing-fast martial artist class Askeia. Unlike the Mystic class, which relies heavily on the Azure Dragon, the new character has a distinct fighting style centered on martial arts proficiency and a fiery spirit in addition to a powerful punch.

The new class Askeia shows herself to be a formidable force, using her strong active talents to perfectly harness her fighting energy. Askeia’s primary weapon in battle is the destructive Blast gauntlet, while her secondary weapon is the Warrior Vambrace.


When both are used simultaneously, Askeia’s quick, lethal combos destroy opponents and prevent them from mounting a response. As he advances in level, the character picks up new abilities in addition to his initial four active skills. After using Askeia to level 10, players will be titled “Tears of Banha.”

The fundamental knowledge and competencies of Askeia’s class are:

  • Martial Spirit: Players can enhance Askeia’s abilities using this passive skill; In Forward Guard, he can increase skill damage, apply damage reduction, and prevent grapples while his MP is above 100. Using the Burning Battle Spirit will help recover HP during battle.
  • Shadow Step: Players can use this skill to move quickly, useful for both dodging enemy attacks and approaching opponents.
  • Death Strike: A versatile move in which Askeia dodges backwards and quickly counterattacks with a powerful palm strike that launches enemies into the air.
  • True Power Punch: Players can use this to throw powerful punches forward while moving fast. Even in the Arena, this skill applies Forward Protection and Rear Super Armor, giving Askeia the ability to maintain control of the battlefield by stunning enemies and chaining together powerful combos.
  • Consecutive Skills: Players can use two consecutive skills, “Dragon Fist” and “Rage Dive”, to further enhance Askeia’s combat abilities and enable them to master their fighting prowess.


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