5th Anniversary Event Full of Surprises from Teamfight Tactics


Teamfight Tactics, an auto-battle game from Riot Games, is celebrating its fifth anniversary. On June 12, it will launch on PC and mobile platforms with incentives, a new game mode, and cosmetic material.

The auto-battle game Teamfight Tactics, which debuted in 2019, immediately rose to prominence as one of the most well-liked titles in its genre. Players establish teams and compete online against seven other opponents in the League of Legends universe production to be the last person remaining. Riot Games is the developer and publisher of Teamfight Tactics, which is commemorating its fifth anniversary.

A brand-new in-game event has been announced by the corporation to commemorate this significant milestone. Players worldwide are invited to celebrate Teamfight Tactics: 5th Anniversary Celebration with birthday-themed cosmetics and player awards. The event also introduces a brand-new game mode that incorporates elements from ten sets that have been released since the game’s June 26, 2019, launch.

Great Surprises from Teamfight Tactics for the 5th Anniversary

During the celebration, players who log in and continue through the free event pass will be able to collect gifts. Treasure symbols, a unique Pengus variation, and emoticons are among the rewards. After spending ten days in TFT, you can get a ton of treasure symbols and the emoticon “I Congratulate.” The free event card also grants players access to the “Pure Skill” emote. Strategy masters can create a unique impression on the event by selecting this sentence from the lobby screen.


Players will be able to construct their teams using elements from the sets in TFT’s five-year history in the new game variant PenguĊŸ’s Party! The hoop is also modified and embellished in this mode to fit the celebration of its fifth anniversary. Every set in the mode is represented by two features unique to that set. The fifth anniversary celebration of Teamfight Tactics will take place on June 12 and continue through July 15 for PC and mobile devices. To find out more specific details, go to this address.

“TFT has gone from being a game mode to one of the most popular strategy games in the world in five years,” said Peter Whalen, the director of the Teamfight Tactics game, in a statement on the matter. This is a chance to honor the group and individuals who made it possible.”We’ll keep adding features and developing the game so that each update may provide players with fresh experiences that go above and beyond their expectations.”



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