A major patch was released for No Rest for the Wicked – with DLSS, FSR and skill reset


Private Division and Moon Studios are proud to announce the release of the second early access patch for No Rest for the Wicked. The developers of the action role-playing game claim that this update is a significant milestone in the game’s history.

The creators of the title have introduced numerous new products, with some being a direct result of valuable player feedback. As an illustration, we have incorporated advanced features such as skill resetting, DLSS and FSR upscaling, and controller button reassignment.

Furthermore, Moon Studios has made substantial enhancements to the optimization of No Rest for the Wicked, ensuring smooth performance on both the CPU and GPU fronts.

What else has been improved:

  • Performance mode now reduces texture resolution, which reduces the number of crashes on weaker systems

  • It is now possible to reset skills and redistribute them – to do this you need to go to the statue in the Cerim Crucible Atrium

  • All weapons can now be equipped regardless of their attribute requirements, allowing players to try out purchased weapons

  • Inventory items can now be docked to compare them

  • Added support for 4.5 mouse buttons and F1-F12 keys for custom keyboard bindings

  • Added a new set of enchantments

  • All throwing runes can now be added to spears

No Rest for the Wicked is available on Steam with a text translation into Russian.


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