Veteran Morrowind developer returns to the game after 20 years with a new mod


Twenty years after departing Bethesda, one of Morrowind’s writers and designers made a significant quest mod.


Douglas Goodall remained at the studio after working on Morrowind until its 2002 release. But in the last year, twenty years after he first contributed to the game’s creation, the seasoned developer has made the decision to revisit the beloved RPG.

Red Wisdom – An Ashlander Prophecy is the title of Goodall’s newest adventure, which he is working on with modders Melchior Dahrk and Greatness7 under the moniker AFFA. Players are taken to “a brand-new cave used by Ahemmusa to bury the dead” and to the outside burial grounds of the Zeinab and Erabenimsun tribes in order to discover “new Ashlander history.”

Embark on a mystical journey as you unravel the ancient prophecy of the Red Wisdom. Team up with young Nirani to uncover the hidden truths that lie within the sacred burial grounds of the tribes. Explore a new side of Ashlander history, face wild beasts and Daedric invaders, and piece together a puzzle that could change the fate of Morrowind.



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