The debut trailer for Gears of War: E-Day was not CG, but in-game

The debut trailer for Gears of War: E-Day was not CG, but in-game

The Gears of War: E-Day trailer is not CG, but in-game: the game developers and people who worked on the presentation are eager to emphasize this fact, particularly in response to attempts to undermine the significance of what was showcased at the Xbox Games Showcase.

The controversy was ignited by a post from Summer Game Fest host Geoff Keeley, who characterized the trailer as a CG movie crafted by Blur utilizing in-game Unreal Engine 5 assets.

Gears of War: E-Day

Jamir Blanco, Blizzard’s cinematographer, clarified the situation by providing a more accurate statement: “To put it more precisely, the incredible Gears of War: E-Day trailer you witnessed was created in real time, utilizing models, textures, and scenery processed in Unreal Engine 5.”

To say that this was a “CG movie made by Blur Studio” is to understate all the amazing technical achievements that you probably didn’t even notice, they were that good. While it actually looks like one of Blur’s many pre-rendered trailers, it’s actually a real-time masterpiece, using in-game assets and ray-traced lighting from the same graphics engine used in the game.

“I can already anticipate individuals dismissing it as merely a CG trailer, despite its impressive visuals, due to such remarks.”


Blanco’s response stood out as the most intense in reaction to Geoff Keeley’s post, but there were others who also stepped in to provide clarification about the Gears of War: E-Day trailer. Their aim was to prevent any misunderstandings from spreading regarding the content showcased at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Journalist Jez Corden, for example, noted that due to Keeley’s tweet, there has been a surge of inquiries regarding whether the trailer was pre-rendered. However, he was assured that all the textures, features, lighting, and physics were meticulously crafted during the development process. As a result, players can expect to witness these impressive elements firsthand when the game is released.

Xbox Marketing Director Guy Welch responded to Keeley’s comments, expressing gratitude for the positive feedback. Welch clarified that the trailer was created by Blur in partnership with The Coalition, utilizing Unreal Engine 5 and incorporating in-game models, textures, scenery, and objects that players can expect to see in the actual game.

“The trailers for the first three Gears of War games utilized a professional approach, employing the Unreal Engine and in-game assets to showcase the impressive capabilities of the graphics engine. This concept is being taken to new heights in Unreal Engine 5.”


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