Terraria has been set back 13 years in honor of the game’s thirteenth anniversary. Update 1.1 is out again

Terraria has been set back 13 years in honor of the game's thirteenth anniversary. Update 1.1 is out again

Prepare yourself for the latest update in Terraria, because in the meantime, you have the power to journey back in time.

In May 2024, the immensely popular game Terraria will be celebrating its thirteenth anniversary. The Re-Logic team has a long-standing tradition of celebrating its anniversary.

Experience the nostalgia of Terraria’s early days with the highly anticipated return of update 1.1. Take a trip back in time and relive the game as it was 13 years ago:

That’s correct – Terraria has now reached a new stage of development. Rest assured, we guarantee that our behavior will remain consistent and predictable, just as it always has been! This time of year holds a special significance for the Terraria development team. This is a time for celebration, but also a time for deep reflection. We must contemplate the journey we have taken, anticipate what lies ahead in the near future, and consider the unknown that may be lurking on the horizon. It’s incredibly satisfying to see our small team’s ability to release and support a highly successful game like Terraria for all these years.

It is truly remarkable how you all have consistently supported us for the past thirteen years. With your unwavering support, we have been able to navigate the challenges and triumphs that life has presented to us. Your dedication has been a constant source of strength and reassurance. In fact, we value your support so greatly that we have prepared a special birthday gift just for you…


To celebrate Terraria’s 13th anniversary, and following the success of the Undeluxe Edition, we are excited to announce the beta release of Terraria 1.1 on Steam!

Witness the evolution of Terraria, from the early days of hardcore mode to the thrilling battles against mechanical bosses. It’s incredible to see how far the game has progressed!


Author of the cover: Re-Logic. Image credit: steamcommunity.com


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