Sony unveils new PlayStation interface on PC


Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut has been released on PC, making it the first game to showcase the new PlayStation PC interface and Trophy system. And the initial impressions of it are quite positive: it exudes a sense of professionalism, with its unobtrusive, clean, and simple design.

There are five primary sections: search, friends, trophies, profile, and settings. With the search function, you can effortlessly locate and connect with fellow PlayStation players. Additionally, the “friends” section conveniently showcases both your online and offline friends. You have the ability to view your friends’ trophies, although it is disappointing that you are unable to communicate with them through messaging or voice chat. To effectively communicate, you’ll need to utilize game chat or Discord.

The trophy system functions flawlessly, seamlessly synchronizing Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut trophies across both the PS5 and PC versions. Simply log into your PlayStation Network account and the trophy interface will be at your fingertips.

The profile section provides a comprehensive view of all your trophies earned across PlayStation games, while the settings section conveniently houses links to account management, privacy settings, and PlayStation support. Additionally, you have the option to customize trophy notifications and easily view your list of blocked users on PSN.


The PlayStation interface for PC functions much like Steam, only being activated within the game. Sony has yet to develop a feature that operates seamlessly in the background, similar to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience or Microsoft’s Xbox Game Bar.

Overall, the interface appears to be user-friendly and straightforward, although it could benefit from some additional features. Nixxes Software, which Sony acquired in 2021, played a key role in developing this interface, demonstrating their expertise by incorporating insights from similar systems.

Hopefully, it will receive new features in the future. Using PlayStation Network voice chat would be a fantastic alternative to in-game chat or Discord.


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