Skull and Bones is Free! Good Deal

Skull and Bones is Free! Good Deal

There is a limited selection of games available in the pirate theme. If you inquire about the number of ambitious productions in this field, you’ll find that they are few and far between. Skull and Bones is an eagerly anticipated production that promises to be one of the most ambitious games in its field. The game, presented by Ubisoft, was released after a long wait and successfully captured the attention of a substantial player base. It appears that Ubisoft is aiming to expand the game’s reach to a broader audience. Thanks to the special campaign, Skull and Bones was made available for free.

Naturally, the game isn’t free forever, but the developers have generously maintained the campaign for an extended period and even included a special pricing advantage for players.

How Long Will Skull and Bones Be Free?

The game can be played for free between May 30 and June 6 , that is, for a period of 1 week. During this period, players will have full access to the game.

  • Multiplayer mode can be played
  • Story mode can be played
  • Main game progression will be obtainable
  • Achievements can be earned

In short, you’ll be able to experience the game with the expertise of a seasoned professional. The campaign is set to begin on May 30 and will be available for both PC and consoles.


PC users can easily join the free game event through Epic or Ubisoft Connect. If you wish to extend your gaming experience beyond June 6, you will need to make a purchase. Here’s some great news: there’s a chance to get a discount.

Players who want to take their game to the next level and make a purchase can enjoy a generous 50% discount. When we check on Epic, we notice that the price of the game is currently 499 TL, which is a significant discount from its original price of 999 TL. The discount will be available until June 13.

If you’re eager to give the game a shot, we’ve got you covered with a link to the page created by Ubisoft.


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