Media: Microsoft will add the next Call of Duty to Xbox Game Pass


As per a report in the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has made the decision to include the upcoming Call of Duty game in Xbox Game Pass. The company is set to unveil this during its Xbox showcase on June 9.

In recent weeks, reports emerged about Microsoft’s deliberation on including upcoming Call of Duty releases in Game Pass. Some company employees were concerned about the potential impact of Game Pass on revenue from traditional Call of Duty sales. It’s worth noting that Activision has been selling Call of Duty at prices starting at $70 and above, consistently selling over 20 million copies each year.

The concise Wall Street Journal report does not provide details on whether Microsoft intends to implement additional charges for Call of Duty within Game Pass, or if the company will raise the price of the Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Based on the most recent reports, Microsoft is contemplating another increase in the prices of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Expertly


Activision is planning to launch the next Call of Duty title in late October, with rumors suggesting that the game will take place during the Gulf War of the 90s.

Microsoft is set to host its highly anticipated summer Xbox showcase on June 9, with a dedicated segment highlighting Call of Duty following the main event. In addition, there have been rumors circulating about Microsoft’s plans to unveil a new Gears of War game at the show. The showcase will also unveil release dates for several highly anticipated games, including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, Avowed, and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.



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