Insider: Resident Evil 1 remake will be released in 2026


Insider Dusk Golem and survival horror gaming expert Biohazard Declassified have shared exciting news about Capcom’s plans to revitalize the iconic game that kickstarted the Resident Evil series.

Biohazard Declassified has reported that an anonymous letter has revealed exciting details about the upcoming game. According to the letter, the game, which is currently referred to as Biohazard: Resident Evil 1, will offer a slower pace compared to the RE2 remake. Additionally, players can expect a first-person perspective camera and a deeper exploration of the RE1 lore.

Additionally, it has been mentioned that every zombie will feature a distinct model, thanks to the limited number of adversaries. Furthermore, players can expect the presence of “bulletproof” enemies, as well as the return of the formidable Crimson Heads.


In addition, the game will now feature dynamically loaded backgrounds for each room and assets that load in real-time when doors are opened. This is done to enhance visual effects and lighting with expert precision.

Golem confirmed these rumors in X :

I can confirm that a new Resident Evil 1 remake is in production and is scheduled for release on the franchise’s 30th anniversary in 2026. Some of the information that is circulating is correct, such as the fact that the view will be in third person. If I had to guess, I’d say it would probably be Resident Evil 1.

Although Golem had accurate information about early leaks, such as the Silent Hill 2 remake, Alone in the Dark, and Resident Evil: Village, it’s important to approach this information with caution due to the reputation of the source.

Curiously, Golem previously made comparable statements earlier this month, suggesting that Resident Evil 9 would be unveiled in the near future, with a planned release in early 2025.


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