IGG Organized the World’s First International Offline SLG Tournament


IGG, a renowned gaming company, organized an in-person SLG tournament in the beautiful location of Phuket, Thailand. The tournament organized for the company’s important games Lords Mobile and Doomsday: Last Survivors is truly exceptional and sets a new standard in the gaming world.

Thus, IGG made a significant impact in the gaming industry by pioneering the organization of the “International Offline SLG Tournament,” marking a historic milestone. The offline tournament, held in Phuket on May 18-19, was broadcasted live worldwide.

Exclusive event planned for Lords Mobile and Doomsday: Surviving like a seasoned expert

Lords Mobile has been steadily growing its influence and market presence for 8 years. One of the key reasons for this rapid growth is IGG’s successful partnerships with renowned brands and the dedicated support of its player community, who are deeply enthusiastic about the game. IGG is dedicated to enhancing its presence in the gaming community through its meticulous approach to managing Lords Mobile.

Doomsday: Last Survivors, an online competition and real-time strategy zombie survival game, made a strong impact in the mobile market during its first year.

It showcased its accomplishments by successfully hosting the inaugural international SLG offline esports tournament, a testament to its exceptional first year.

IGG Organized the World's First International Offline SLG Tournament

Over $140,000 worth of gifts were distributed during the tournament, demonstrating a high level of professionalism.


Esports teams that successfully made it to the finals in the online qualifiers, which began in March, were extended an invitation from around the globe to compete in the offline finals, generously sponsored by IGG. Both tournaments provided participants with the opportunity to compete for a substantial prize pool exceeding $140,000. This included various rewards such as cash prizes, in-game items, top-of-the-line Bose headphones, and other tangible products.

IGG Organized the World's First International Offline SLG Tournament

IGG also extended an invitation to enthusiastic players who wished to witness the tournament firsthand and experience the excitement as spectators. IGG also took care of viewers’ travel and accommodation expenses. Along with numerous online and offline giveaways, viewers also had a chance to win the incredible grand prize of a USD 3,000 Apple product set.

Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to showcase their skills and potentially win prizes by engaging in fun-filled games at the game stands located on the tournament field. And all viewers were treated to a generous merch goody bag, a substantial $1,000 worth of in-game currency, and a valuable $200 gift card.

IGG Organized the World's First International Offline SLG Tournament

The tournament also saw the participation of the popular character “Mountain”.

Experienced content producers from the community were also invited to the tournament to participate and host the livestreamed event. Many cosplayers also joined in the field, showcasing their expertly crafted costumes that brought characters from the vibrant world of IGG to life.



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