How to make money (regional wealth) in Manor Lords


Starting a new game of Manor Lords may pose a challenge as you begin with a limited amount of money, known as Regional Wealth. However, it is important to note that you may find yourself running out of funds within a few months. Fortunately, there are various ways to increase your earnings, such as trading, defeating bandits, or upgrading your houses.

Let’s figure out how to get money in Manor Lords.

How to make money in Manor Lords

In Manor Lords, the currency is referred to as Regional Wealth, as it represents the collective income of the entire region rather than just your own personal funds. To maximize Regional Wealth, you need to excel at exporting goods, master the art of improving your houses (lots), or efficiently eliminate bandit camps. Mastering this technique will enable you to effortlessly send loot to your region, significantly boosting your Regional Wealth. However, engaging in battles with bandits may also lead to some losses.

Upgrading houses is a highly effective method for increasing Regional Wealth. Tier 2 houses generate a Regional Wealth of one unit per household per month. Level 3 houses produce a total of two Regional Wealth per household every month. Homes that have living space extensions are capable of accommodating two families on the 2nd level and four families on the 3rd level, allowing you to earn a maximum of eight Regional Wealth per home.

How to make money through trading

Here’s how to make money by trading in Manor Lords:

  • Don’t worry about money when starting a new game. For now, you just need resources to develop your region.

  • Once you’ve built a village with a logging camp, a lumber camp, a hunting camp, a gatherer’s hut, a warehouse, a barn, and plenty of houses (try to get at least two “spare” burgage lots for new villagers to move in), it’s time to place a trading post . Find it on the “trade” tab in the construction menu.

  • You can now export any surplus goods such as planks, hides or berries. If you open the trade menu, you will see export and import prices on the right side of the menu (export on the left, import on the right). You can change the product status to “export” on the left side, in the drop-down menu. Enter the number of items you want to keep – in the middle. This is the base supply (if you have 34 skins and a supply of 20, a maximum of 14 skins will be sold).

It’s important to remember that selling finished products is more effective in generating regional wealth compared to selling resources. As an illustration, hides contribute 4 units of Regional Wealth, while leather brings in 6 units. Master the art of transforming leather into shoes and watch as they become a valuable source of 8 Regional Wealth. There’s no harm in starting off by selling basic resources, but as you progress, aim to transition to selling final products.

How to get money – Treasury

If you want to hire mercenaries or create a new settler camp, you will need Treasury funds instead of Regional Wealth.

The Treasury is essentially money from your Regional Wealth converted into the Treasury through taxes. If you build an estate, you can open the “taxes” menu and enter a percentage for the “land tax”. Every month, a portion of your Regional Wealth will be converted into the Treasury.


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