“He will be the best” – FIFA on the development of its football simulator

“He will be the best” - FIFA on the development of its football simulator

Electronic Arts and the International Football Federation (FIFA) ended their partnership in 2022 due to a disagreement regarding a license. Consequently, the “electronics” decided to rebrand their football simulator and lived happily ever after. FIFA has been making serious moves towards releasing its own competitor, and it appears that their plans are finally starting to take shape.

At the 74th FIFA Congress, Gianni Infantino, the organization’s president, announced the imminent launch of a new division within FIFA. The necessary agreement for this development has already been finalized.

We will develop a new electronic game because the football simulator is called FIFA . When hundreds of millions of children play football, they play  FIFA . It is impossible to call it anything else.


Together with new partners, we are creating a new game that will undoubtedly be the best, like everything we do. So get ready for a new FIFA game .

Gianni Infantino

The organization did not specify the details of their new collaboration. Earlier, there was a rumor that production would be handled by 2K, a company renowned for their series of simulators including NBA 2K, PGA Tour 2K, WWE 2K, and Top Spin. Based on the leak, it seems that FIFA 2K25 is set to be released this year. The game will feature an impressive collection of over 35 licensed football leagues and a staggering 800 teams.



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