Hades 2 received its first patch with improvements to sprinting and resource collection


Supergiant Games has just dropped the initial patch for Hades II Early Access. The developers have implemented several improvements to the basic mechanics based on valuable player feedback. Melinoe’s movement and resource collection have been significantly improved.

Main changes:

  • The heroine’s sprint is now significantly faster, and her turns are more responsive – skills that improve these indicators have also been revised

  • We upgraded the dash – now it is more reliable in the heat of battle

  • It is now possible to collect resources from anywhere once the corresponding tool is unlocked

  • Before the race, the necessary tool can be made a priority and thus the resources extracted by it will be found more often, and others less often

  • Entries in the Book of Shadows are now easier and faster to open

  • Improved support for some additional controllers and improved mouse performance in some cases

Hades II is expected to continue in Early Access until at least the end of 2024. The game offers text translation into Russian and seamless compatibility with Steam Deck.


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