GTA 6’s Release Date Becomes Clear! New Information Provided


Take-Two has just released its eagerly awaited financial data reports. Although the 2024 fiscal year data didn’t bring any surprises, the real highlight was the exciting announcement of the highly anticipated game GTA 6. Although no specific details have been provided regarding the exact month and day, there has been a clear indication of the release date timeframe.

GTA 6 Will Be Available in 2025

Based on the statement, the game is set to be released in the Fall of 2025. As you are aware, the initial trailer for the game mentioned a release date in 2025, but did not provide a specific timeframe.

GTA 6's Release Date Becomes Clear! New Information Provided


The new statement indicates a more defined timeline for the game. Additionally, there were explanations provided regarding the potential delay of GTA 6. Providing an update on these claims, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick expressed his confidence in the upcoming release of GTA 6, stating that it is set to launch in the autumn of 2025.

Putting the release date aside, we unfortunately have some negative news regarding the game. Actually, there was already information in this direction previously. As expected, GTA 6 will be first launched exclusively on consoles. It will be broadcast for the latest PS5 and Xbox Series models. The PC version will also be released at a later date, although the exact timeframe has not been specified.


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