GTA 6 Publisher: The world has changed since we released GTA 5, and the new game could be unrivaled in the industry


Grand Theft Auto 6 has the potential to be a massive success, drawing from the achievements of its predecessor, GTA 5. The publisher of the series is confident that the highly anticipated sequel could set a new standard in the gaming industry.

During TD Cowen’s 52nd Annual Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick shared insights on the significant growth of the gaming industry since the release of the previous GTA game. He also discussed strategies for effectively supporting a game of GTA 6’s magnitude in today’s dynamic industry.


“I truly believe that the world has undergone a significant transformation since the launch of GTA 5,” Zelnick expressed, highlighting the series’ previous absence of microtransactions and the introduction of a standalone version of GTA Online. In the past, the game was comparable to Call of Duty, but now, with a staggering 200 million copies sold, it has claimed the top spot as the most successful entertainment product in history. Zelnik pointed out that the impressive number of views on the GTA 6 trailer is a clear indication of the game’s potential for commercial success.

If Rockstar can meet the high expectations and utilize their extensive resources effectively, Zelnick believes that Take-Two will have an unparalleled success in the industry.


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