Galacticare game release date has been announced! Here is the trailer

Galacticare game release date has been announced! Here is the trailer

Space hospital simulator Galacticare will send out one patient at a time to save the galaxy. Developers from Cult Games publishing house and Brightrock Games studio have unveiled the highly anticipated release date of Galacticare, an immersive science fiction hospital simulation. This announcement was accompanied by an impressive new trailer.

Galacticare: Galactic Health Management

Players in Galacticare will step into the shoes of the new director of an intergalactic medical corporation, responsible for constructing networks of hospitals to ensure the longevity of their patients’ lives.

Different Diseases, Different Creatures

Players will have the opportunity to encounter and successfully treat a wide range of perilous diseases that impact creatures of all different forms and sizes. These diseases have the potential to impact a wide range of creatures, from small biomechanical lemurs to massive starship-sized space travelers.

Hospital Design and Management

In Galacticare, players can design and equip hospitals, build and develop experimental treatment devices, and recruit a diverse range of experts, from DJs to farmers and even musty priests.


Innovative Game Features

The game also offers the opportunity to master the art of analyzing the thoughts of station residents and acquiring various devices, such as holographic doctors and portals to alternative dimensions, to enhance hospital efficiency.

Release Date and Platforms

Galacticare is set to make its highly anticipated debut on multiple platforms, including PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S. Mark your calendars for May 23, when the game will be available for eager players at 17:00 Moscow time.

The popularity of computer games is growing steadily. In your opinion, what makes science fiction-themed hospital simulations like Galacticare so captivating? Do you have a passion for this genre of games? Feel free to share your thoughts!



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