Dave the Diver gets free Godzilla DLC

Dave the Diver gets free Godzilla DLC

For the adventure Dave the Diver, Nexon and Mintrocket have produced a free add-on featuring Godzilla. The add-on is only going to be accessible till November 23 of this year.

The DLC may be purchased on the eShop, PS Store, and Steam.

While diving into the shadowy depths of the Blue Abyss in search of fish, Dave encounters Godzilla, wounded and recovering from his wounds. Sensing Dave’s approach, the mighty titan became wary, but it looks like he may need the help of an unexpected ally.

Embark on an action-packed adventure in the Godzilla DLC as you engage in a thrilling chase with Ebiru, the iconic deep-sea kaiju from the 1966 action film.

What’s new in DLC:

  • Added 3 new exclusive missions that will become available after completing Chapter 5

  • Discover new dishes inspired by Godzilla and Ebirah

  • Collect Godzilla figurines scattered across the ocean


The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and PC versions of Dave the Diver are accessible. The game’s producers declared at the beginning of January that sales had surpassed three million copies. The game recently got Russian subtitles added.

Dave the Diver has been available in the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog since the middle of April.



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